Writing Courses

Pre-Hutchmoot Writing Seminar: Writing with Our Favorite Writers

Date and Time: Thursday, October 6, 9am-2pm

Location: 521 Heather Place, Nashville, TN 37204 (behind Baja Burrito)

Cost: $79 (includes lunch from Baja Burrito)

For this year's pre-Hutchmoot writing seminar, we'll look together at some of the authors most beloved by Rabbit Roomers--including (but not limited to) Wendell Berry, Marilynne Robinson, Flannery O'Connor, CS Lewis, and Jane Austen--in order to understand better how their writing does its work on us, and in order to improve our own writing. Several writing exercises throughout the day will solidify the principles we discuss.

The goal of the day is not to become imitators of these authors, but to gain tools that will help us all settle into our own voices with more confidence. This seminar will be helpful for writers of both fiction and non-fiction.

There will be burritos. 

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