What’s Your Favorite Seuss?

It's Dr. Seuss's 107th birthday. One of my kids went off to school today wearing a tall red and white striped hat.

As you may know already, The Cat in the Hat came about when a publisher challenged Theodor Geisel (Dr. Seuss's real name) to write a book that six- and seven-year-olds couldn't put down and that used no more than 225 different words. The Cat in the Hat came in at 236 words, 223 of which came from a list provided beforehand by the publisher. Which is to say, Dr. Seuss managed to use rather strict forms and guidelines to tell a story of freedom and adventure and even out-of-control exuberance. A nice little metaphor for much children's writing.

So I'd be interested to know, what is your favorite Seuss story, and why? I'm partial to The Grinch myself.