Feechie of the Week: Candy Moniz

This week in New Port Richey, Florida, a man came home for lunch and found a ten-foot alligator in his swimming pool. I suppose you learn to take these things in stride when you live in Florida. He called the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, and they sent a trapper to fetch the alligator. Here's a picture of the trapper in action:

Florida is covered up with alligator trappers. You can't throw a rock without hitting one. But you can see that this one is something special. A rope, a stick, and a whole lot of gumption. She's barefooted and stepping on a ten-foot alligator's snout, for crying out loud! There's a feechiefied simplicity to Candy Moniz's approach that I find very refreshing.

Consider, by contrast, this guy:

I don't doubt his qualifications as an alligator hunter. But tearing around in an airboat while wearing a headset...let's just say this isn't how one earns the honor of Feechie of the Week.

Ms. Moniz is, I think, the first she-feechie to win this coveted award. The glass ceiling is officially busted.