Housekeeping: Help Improve This Blog

This blog is approaching its .75th birthday. When I started it last August, I decided not to be a perfectionist with regard to the technical setup of the thing, for fear that I would tinker and tinker and never get around to blogging. But now that we've been at it for almost nine months, it's probably time to circle back around and start making some technical improvements. In many ways you, the reader, know more about the improvements that this blog needs than I do. So I would love to hear from you. What do other blogs do that you'd like to see this one do? How, for instance, is the RSS feed working for you? Do the comments work the way you would like for them to work? Do you get the notifications you want to get? I've had at least one person mention that they have tried to subscribe to this blog without success. Would you use a search feature? What about the organization of things?

So, please tell me what would improve the user experience for you--from a functionality and organizational perspective rather than a content perspective. (To put it another way, don't say, "Write better.") I'm all ears. I don't know how many of your suggestions I can implement or how soon, but I'd love to have a good list to work from. Thanks in advance.