Tolkien on TV

I ran across this 1968 BBC video of J.R.R. Tolkien in his native habitat. I don't suppose I ever saw Tolkien in a moving picture, but he's exactly like I had imagined him to be. Interspersed with the Tolkien interviews and images are people expressing their own opinions about Tolkien and his books, from fangirls to Marxist critics. The Marxists make for pretty good entertainment, I have to say (they despise the Hobbits' bourgeois interest in food, drink, and other domesticated creature comforts, for instance). Here's part one of the programme:


And here's part two. (If you want to see some real-live Marxists doing their schtick, the first couple of minutes of this one has some excellent specimens):

Bonus Inkling Audio: Here's some surviving audio from one of C.S. Lewis's wartime radio broadcasts. These talks, as you probably know already, became Mere Christianity: