Feechie of the Week: Gary Murphy, Dog Rescuer

A West Highland terrier is no match for an alligator. Thankfully for Doogie, a West Highland terrier in Palm City, Florida, his 72-year-old owner is. Gary Murphy, a retired construction worker, was working on a boat at the dock behind his house when a six-foot alligator grabbed Doogie in its jaws and pulled the poor dog into the water. Murphy jumped into the water and onto the alligator's back (he was wearing loafers--a nice detail). Then he went to punching the alligator on the head until it let go of Doogie, slid under the boat, and swam away. 'I wasn't trying to be a hero," Murphy said. "I just wanted my dog back."


Doogie was treated for his injuries (a collapsed lung, a damaged liver, and some nasty teeth marks), and is resting comfortably at home. Here's video from MSNBC.