Facebook and the Feechie Film Festival

So we're less than two weeks away from the October 5 release of The Charlatan's Boy. I'm in rabid self-promotion mode. To that end, I have set up an author page on Facebook, as distinct from my regular Facebook page. If you don't mind, please go to that page and click the 'Like' button. (Here's the link). And if you want to suggest the page to your friends (there's a link right under the profile picture of the book cover) or 'Share' it (bottom left), well, that would be fine too. 'Liking' my page is an easy way to broaden the reach of my marketing efforts. One thing you will see on my author page is the following movie, which one might call a book trailer (though I won't, since that term annoys me).

The biggest thing happening on my Facebook page in the near future is the Feechie Film Festival. The idea is to take a short movie of yourself (or someone you love) telling why you do or don't believe in feechiefolk, and upload (or link) it to my facebook page. I should be able to provide a few more details in the near future, but in the meanwhile, pull out your digicam. By way of inspiration, here are my friends Russ and Pete articulating their respective positions on the feechiefolk question.

Here's Russ:

And here's Pete:

As anyone who knows Pete and Russ can attest, neither of them is more clever than you, dear reader. So I look forward to seeing what you contribute to the Feechie Film Festival.