March Special: Irish Catholics 20% Off

March is a big month for my two favorite Irish Catholics. March 17 is Saint Patrick's Day, and March 25 is Flannery O'Connor's birthday (she would have been 93). To celebrate, I'm offering signed copies of my biographies Saint Patrick and The Terrible Speed of Mercy: A Spiritual Biography of Flannery O'Connor for 20% off. 

The Terrible Speed of Mercy: A Spiritual Biography of Flannery O'Connor
12.80 16.00

This biography gets at the heart of O’Connor’s work. It follows the roots of her fervent Catholicism and traces the outlines of a life marked by illness and suffering, but ultimately defined by an irrepressible joy and even hilarity. In her stories, and in her life story, Flannery O’Connor extends a hand in the dark, warning and reassuring us of the terrible speed of mercy.

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Saint Patrick: A Biography
9.60 12.00

 Patrick was born the son of privilege and position, but he was only a teenager when he was taken from his home in Roman Britain by marauders and sold into slavery in Ireland. Despite his terrible circumstances, young Patrick did not give way to despair. As he worked as a shepherd in the pastures of his new owner, he kindled the faith he’d inherited from his family and eventually escaped to freedom. Then, after returning home, he experienced a dream that changed everything: God wanted him to go back and take the Gospel to the country of his captors.

Patrick heeded the call. Both humble enough to minister to beggars and bold enough to confront kings, Patrick led the Irish through his brave and compassionate service into the Christian faith and baptized thousands. Separating the many myths from the facts, Jonathan Rogers weaves a wonder-filled tale of courage, barbarism, betrayal, and hope in God’s unceasing faithfulness. Countless miracles have been attributed to Saint Patrick, but perhaps one of the simplest and most amazing is that he won the hearts and souls of the same fierce and indomitable people who had enslaved him.

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