Writing Close to the Earth (Online) 8/6 - 9/14

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Writing Close to the Earth (Online) 8/6 - 9/14


August 6 - September 14

A six-week online creative writing course devoted to the habits of “earthy” writing—writing that is concrete rather than abstract, concerned with the material facts of our existence. (Limited to 12 participants).

Typical weekly workload 

  • Reading: two or three essays

  • Listening: 20-30 minute lecture

  • Online Discussion: I will post several discussion questions each week. Hopefully they will lead to fruitful discussion in which you can participate as time allows.

  • Writing: 2-3 pages

I will provide detailed feedback on your writing every week. That back-and-forth is really the heart of the course. 

Topics covered:

  • Concrete Language and Imagery

  • Learning to See

  • Place

  • Memory

  • Character

  • Metaphor


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